Below are some of my favorite Looper articles about movies:

Great Movies with Awful Taglines- The Man With The Hat Is Back. And This Time He's Bringing His Dad.

Horror Movie Sequels Never Made- A look at some of the wildest ideas for a horror movie sequel that never happened.

Movie Endings That Don't Mean What You Think- I analyzed the final frames of movies to tell you what the movie was about—all so you don't have to!

The Most Unsettling Short Films Ever- I scoured YouTube for the very best horror short films you can watch for free right now!

The Ending Of Total Recall Explained- I collected all the details in Total Recall that you might have missed to prove that the movie is about Quaid dreaming.

Scariest Movie Monsters Of All Time- A complete and inarguable list of the scariest monsters in movie history.

Fake Movie Trailers We Wish Were Real- A collection of some of the best fake movie trailers you can watch online.

The Untold Truth Of A Christmas Story- Some behind-the-scenes fun facts about one of the most famous Christmas movies ever made.

Movie Trailers That Lied To You- Kangaroo Jack is not about a talking kangaroo, and other lies movie trailers have told you.

Great Movies With Awful Taglines- Did you know the original tagline for Indiana Jones 3 was "The Man in the Hat Is Back. And This Time, He's Bringing His dad?" It's true, and it's awful.

The Ending Of The Prestige Explained- I had the opportunity to dive into one of my favorite scripts and explain the ending of The Prestige.

The Best Horror Comedies You Haven't Seen- The perfect list to read if you're in the mood for spooks and japes.

The Most Elaborate Easter Eggs Ever Placed In Film- These might not necessarily be the most elaborate, but they're still pretty interesting.

The Most Expensive Movie Flops In History- Ever wonder what happens when a movie loses a ton of money? Check out how many of these directors and stars found their career options dried up after these movie flops.

Critically Hated Movies On Netflix That Are Actually Awesome- I put out one of my hottest takes that Death Note has some good qualities. 

Conspiracy Theories That Will Change The Way You Watch These Films- I go over, and debunk, some of the most famous conspiracy theories in film history.

Box Office Bombs From The 90s That Are Actually Worth Watching- I will never stop defending Ravenous as a masterpiece.

Beloved 90s Movies You Won't Believe Bombed In The Box Office- Can you believe The Big Lebowski bombed? The 90s were a weird time.

Critically Hated Movies That Actually Won Oscars- The Oscars aren't necessarily a signifier of quality, but even so, some of these are insane.

Small Details You Missed In Black Panther- There were some interesting Easter Eggs in Black Panther and we've got a complete rundown here.

The Scariest Horror Movies Where No One Actually Dies- Horror doesn't need a body count to be scary, as these films proved. 

 Critics Who Ended Up Being Really Wrong About A Movie-It’s always good to acknowledge that opinions aren’t static, as these critical re-evaluations proved.

Overhyped Films That Quietly Disappeared From The Release Schedule- The best-laid plans of producers and money-men often go awry. Mourn you till we join you, Dark Universe.