Miscellaneous Looper ARticles

I write a wide variety of things at Looper, from fun facts about Darth Vader to some of the best one-season wonders on television. Here are some of my favorites.

Comic Characters That Should Never Be On Screen- Comics are great, movies are great, but these comic characters should never be in movies.

References in Stranger Things Only True Fans Understood- A collection of references in season two of Stranger Things.

Best One Season TV Shows- Article written almost entirely to sell you on Terriers as a masterpiece.

Controversial TV Twists We're Still Talking About- Some of the most talked-about twists in tv history, from Twin Peaks to St. Elsewhere.

Beloved TV Characters Killed Offscreen- We're still mourning you, Phil Hartman.

Secrets of Darth Vader's Armor- Not just a scary spider mask!

The Most Powerful Avengers In The MCU Ranked- Still bizarre how bad Hawkeye is.

Messed Up Things That No One Talks About In The Simpsons- There are some rough chuckles in America's favorite animated sitcom.

Fan Theories That Completely Change These '90s Shows- I promise, there is not a single "it was all a dream" fan theory in the bunch.

TV Stars Who Took Home Shockingly Massive Paychecks- Acting is a job, but it's still hard to believe that any job pays this well.

How Michael B. Jordan Got Ripped For Hollywood- The answer is diet and exercise, in case you were hoping it was something easier.

Directors Who Cast Their Own Kids In Movies- There is a whole Eastwood dynasty in Hollywood.

Everything You Missed In The Deadpool 2 Trailer- Well, it's not everything, but it is a lot of things.

The Most Bizarre Symbiotes In The Marvel Universe- How many times has the Devil gotten involved with alien goo? More than you'd think.

The Most Perfect TV Shows Ever Made- Not a full list, if only because I couldn't include Terriers.

Things Only Adults Notice In The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon- Donatello shouldn't be called Donatello and that is arguably my hottest take.

The Untold Truth Of Blade- Blade is the best comic book movie, please do not share with me your contrary opinion.

Critics Who Ended Up Being Really Wrong About A Movie- It's hard admitting when you're wrong, and (most of) the critics on this list deserve credit for doing so.

The Untold Truth Of The Question- The Question is the best detective vigilante in the DC Universe (yes, even better than Detective Chimp).