Since September 2017, I've been writing featured articles for Looper as one of their Staff Writers. I often focus on movies, comic books, and video games, but I've written a range of different stuff. If you're looking for a complete list, you can click on any of the "Learn More" buttons, or just scroll to the bottom and click on any of the pictures to be sent to that article.


Movie Articles

Hit the jump to see a full list of the movie articles I've written, from the horror movie sequels that almost were, to details you might have missed in Total Recall.


Video Game articles

Hit the jump to see a full list of the video game articles I've written, from defending the critically reviled to tearing down the monuments to overrated games.


miscellaneous articles

I've written about more than just movies and games, though. Hit the jump to see everything else I've written for Looper.